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End of chapter exercises

Which of the following is not a longitudinal wave?

  1. light

  2. sound

  3. ultrasound

Which of the following media can a longitudinal wave like sound not travel through?

  1. solid

  2. liquid

  3. gas

  4. vacuum

A longitudinal wave has a compression to compression distance of 10 m. It takes the wave 5 s to pass a point.

  1. What is the wavelength of the longitudinal wave?

  2. What is the speed of the wave?

  1. 10 m

b) v=fλ



A flute produces a musical sound travelling at a speed of 320 m·s−1. The frequency of the note is 256 Hz. Calculate:

  1. the period of the note

  2. the wavelength of the note

P=1256=0,004  s


=1,25  m