About the practice service

Are you new to the practice service, or do you want a reminder of what it's all about? This brief introduction will give you the basics and explain how it is the perfect partner to your textbook.

To learn more about how to get started, read our Learner's User Guide.

Learner's User Guide


What is the practice service?

The practice service is a web-based tool that allows you to practise Mathematics and Physical Sciences questions and monitor your progress.

Practising Maths and Science is crucial to doing well in both subjects. We all know it, but it can be hard to know where to start, or whether you’re getting anywhere. The practice service makes it easy to work on the sorts of questions you need and will help you keep track of how you’re doing with targeted feedback on your strengths and weaknesses.

What makes it different?

What sets the practice service apart is the specific, tailored feedback it is able to give users. The practice service is engineered to do a lot more than simply generate a vast number of exercises.

With the practice service:

  • every exercise is categorised by the skills and knowledge required to solve the problem;
  • the exercises increase in difficulty as the learner progresses. The more they practise, the more the program learns about their capability. The practice service can therefore make sure learners are able to work at a difficulty level appropriate for them, whilst continuing to keep them challenged; and
  • the information from every exercise attempted is collected to analyse performance statistically and fed back to learners and their teachers.

The service provides each student with a Learner’s Dashboard so that they can monitor their progress, see at a glance where their weaknesses lie and better focus their efforts.

The Teacher’s Dashboard helps educators monitor their classes by providing them with information about the amount of work learners are doing, who is struggling and which topics should be revised, better equipping them to focus where it is needed most.

What do the exercises look like?

Learners using the practice service will see a range of multiple choice exercises, but one of the features that sets it apart from other practice services is the inclusion of questions that require a longer answer, like the one pictured here. It is important that learners are able to generate answers themselves, and not just recognise the correct one in a list.

When the learner clicks on the ‘Check answer’ button they will see a fully worked solution, like the one shown here, regardless of whether they were right or wrong. As you can see, this solution doesn’t just show the calculations required in solving this equation; it also carefully explains each stage of the working involved.

If a learner feels that they could do with practising a few more exercises like this one, they can click on ‘Try an exercise like this again’. If they are ready to move on they can click on ‘Go to next exercise’ instead.


How do your Siyavula textbook and the practice service work together?

The practice service is seamlessly integrated with Siyavula’s Everything Maths and Everything Science curriculum-aligned textbooks.

It’s easy to switch from reading your textbook to trying some questions yourself on the practice service, allowing you to make sure you’ve understood the concepts accurately. Conversely, if you are struggling with a question on the practice service, it’s easy to locate the matching section in our textbooks, brush up on the topic and try again.

What does it cost?

The practice service is an online subscription-based service with various pricing options available. You can choose whether you would like to sign up for a month at a time and pay with the airtime you have on your phone, or sign up for a whole year and pay via an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or with a credit card. Once you've selected the option that suits your pocket best and completed the payment process, you can use the service as much you like until your access expires. There is no limit on the number of exercises you can do. Practise through the night if you have to!

For up to date pricing information click here.

If your school signs up your whole class or grade in one go we'll massively discount the cost for each learner. If you think the practice service would be good for the rest of your class too, tell you teacher to contact us and we'll help get them on board.

For more about school rates click here.

But what about my data costs?

Are you a Vodacom customer? If the answer is yes, we have some good news for you. With a Vodacom SIM card you can now browse our online textbooks without using up valuable data. Yes, that's right: browsing content on will cost you R0.00 in airtime! All you have to worry about paying is subscription cost itself.

If you want to find out about the Learner's Dashboard and how to answer questions on the practice service, you can switch across to the Learner's User Guide by clicking on the button below.

Learner's User Guide

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